For time, we have provided document authentication, evaluation, and appraisal services to customers, institutions, as well as colleagues in allied collecting fields who desire the insight of a specialist.

Our standard written Manuscript Property Examination Reports include statement of expert opinion as to authenticity of the item under consideration, bases for possible dispute, if applicable, and estimation of current value. Such Reports are often desired by collectors for immediate or planned presentation to insurance underwriters, for use when the item is sold at a future time, or simply to reassure themselves of the genuineness (or lack of same!) of an item about which they’ve wondered.

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Our Book Appraisals team

Our standard written Manuscript Property Appraisal Report is tailored, as is customary, to the anticipated needs of its recipient, whether charitable, insurance, transit, replacement, or other in character.

For items requiring extended special research, and/or of a complex nature or presenting special considerations, fees are quoted based upon the particulars of the individual case.

What kinds of items can we examine or appraise?

Historical documents, frames, Art, manuscripts, autographs, letters, diaries, old newspapers, rare books, antiquarian materials, posters, broadsides, printed matter, photographs, and generally memorabilia, Cuban and Spanish Art, ephemera and collectibles of almost any period or variety…as long as it incorporates paper in its composition.

Examples: Ernesto Che Guevara, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ernest Hemingway, Mao Tse Tung, Mahatma Gandhi, Pablo Neruda, Diego Rivera, Rene Portocarrero, Amelia Pelaez, Churchill Winston, Poe, Mario Carreño, Jose Mijares, Daniel Sabater Salabert, Emilio Bacardi, Federico Garcia Lorca, Gabriela Mistral, Dulce Maria Loynaz, Carlos J Finlay, Van Gogh, Fidel Castro, American Presidents, Latin American Presidents, Spain Colonial signatures…etc..

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