MIALHE, Pierre Toussaint Frederic (1810-1881) – TORRE, Jose de la – MAY, Bernardo. 
Plano Pintoresco De La Habana with Mapa Historica Pintoresco Moderno de la Isle De Cuba. Berlin: B. May y CA, 1853.
 One fine folding tinted lithographed map ( 18 x 23 inches) 
This scarce pair of maps of Cuba and Havana, surrounded by views and historic scenes of the island, were originally published in Pierre Toussaint Frederic Miahle’s (1810-1881) 
Viaje pintoresco al rededor de la Isla de Cuba, ca 1848, which was subsequently pirated by Bernardo May as Album Pintoresco de la Isla de Cuba in the 1850. In 1853 both Mialhe had unsuccessfully sued May for breach of copyright and demanded “the sequestration of the May-plagiarized albums, notification to the press to stop advertisements of said views, 
and 20,000 pesos as damages”. 
May denied plagiarism on the grounds that “. after all, ladies in carriages, street sellers, churches, monuments, and landscapes were all there in full view to any artist who cared to paint them”. The maps of Cuba and Havana were also copied from an 1847 map by Jose M. de la Torre. Following the failed lawsuit May reissued his volume in 1855
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